Benefits of a Rental Dumpster at Commercial Job Sites

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All commercial job sites have one thing in common, and that’s there is debris and garbage. If you’re the contractor hiring subs, a subcontractor or a business owner doing a DIY renovation on a building you own, you’ll need to plan a way to get rid of the debris. The most cost effective and easiest way is to work with a dumpster rental company to schedule delivery of a rental dumpster to the job site before work starts. Yes, this is an added cost to your construction or renovation, however, the benefits far surpass the costs.

A Clean Job Site is a Safe Site

It’s not safe to leave debris lying around the site. Splintered wood, nails and broken tile are all hazards on a job site. If the crews have a place to immediately dispose of waste, there are fewer chances that a pile will form that leads to an accident. The last thing you should want is for a preventable accident to occur that delays completion and raises your insurance rates. If you call a dumpster rental company prior to starting the job, reserve a rental dumpster and find out how far in advance they need notice to switch out a full one for an empty one, you’ll have a cleaner, and therefor safer, job site.

It’s More Efficient

Sure, you probably have trucks that you can use to haul the debris away in, however, that’s not terribly efficient. This is especially true in larger jobs where the back of a truck fills quickly. You don’t want to stop working to run to the dump every time the truck bed fills up. Plus, once you add the gas, time and landfill fees, chances are good that you would save money by calling a dumpster rental company and having a roll-off dumpster on site the entire time it’s needed.


Whether you’re the contractor and have subs on site, a company who handles commercial renovations and build-outs from start to finish, you want the work to go smoothly and finish on time. You also want to stay on budget. When you call Handyman Cans, we make it easy.

You tell us what you’re doing and we’ll help you choose the right size rental dumpster. We’ll have it delivered and placed at the job site the day you need it. And, when it’s full, call us and we’ll pick it up or swap it out for the same or different size unit. We’ll make it easy for you to keep a clean job site and stay within budget because our fees are based on time you have the dumpsters, not how much they weigh. Call us today at (571) 200-4790 or fill out our contact form for a free quote.

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